Adventure Company Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Adventure Company is a cute RPG game that lets you dig the ground for relics, destroy enemies, and make money doing simple tasks and completing missions. With a progressive gameplay, save points are available after carrying these missions out. The major difference from typical RPG games is that you are allowed to play multiple heroes in this game at once.  If you like this type of genre, then check out our basic Adventure Company cheats and useful information to help you enjoy the game better.

adventure company cheats

Collect those stars for major upgrades.

Complete the challenges on every level and try to meet all of the objectives to earn stars. These are very useful because you can spend them on special upgrades, buy equipment for your heroes, and increase speed of level-up for your heroes.  You can also use the stars to earn more early in the game, so you can employ more heroes and train them as well.

Use the training room. 

The training room, indicated by a dumbbell icon, is where you’ll work your heroes out to improve their skills and gain experience. Do this when you want to take a break from the game, so that they’ll perform better the next time you’ll employ them for a new mission.

Replace default equipment with better ones. 

Your heroes come with default gear, you can buy new and more awesome ones by going to the Shop, indicated by a sword icon.  Review the item stats before purchasing. Investing in better gear can greatly improve your heroes’ power.

Choose the right hero for a mission. 

There are tons of would-be recruits, always check to see if there’s an opportunity for you to add to your collection of heroes. And then, train and upgrade whenever you can.  They might turn into surprisingly powerful allies. Moreover, check to see the type of mission that you need to complete next. If a defence mission is on the horizon, then bring more people to help you defeat your foes.

Employ them all in equal frequency, so that they will all accumulate XP points at the same time.  On the other hand, if you’d like a particular hero to become more powerful, play the same hero in previous levels repeatedly, so as not to split the experience points among the characters.

Evolve trainees into different classes. 

Complete non-star missions to promote your trainees to a particular class. Each class can perform a specific type of skill like farming, fighting, etc. Take advantage of what each class can bring to the table.

Team ranking. 

Aim for the top team standings to earn more gems, Mana, and bonus points. Collect artefacts during missions and play over and over to find more of these.  The more you collect, the better your team standing will be.

Be watchful of employs that you don’t control at the moment. 

Recruits have a tendency to wander off to fight enemies on their own. This can happen because you can only control one hero at one time. Try to stick together as much as you can to gang up on enemies.

These are all the details and Adventure Company cheats that you need to know to start amassing artefacts for your team ranking.  Tell us more if you have other strategies to add by commenting below.

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