Mekorama Cheats & Techniques for Solving 3D puzzles

Think you’re great with spatial puzzles?  Check out this fun 3D game that lets you direct a portly robot where to go. Mekorama is a fun and truly free game that will require you to rotate and drag whatever you can, and point to where your graceful robot needs to go. This is a truly worthwhile game and you can even build your own puzzle using various mechanisms and platforms available. Here are our Mekorama cheats and guide to solving the different puzzle levels to help you start.

mekorama Cheats

Adjust your camera.

The menu for this game can be viewed by flipping the pages like a book. On the fifth “page”, Turn on the “free camera” option so you can view the 3D setting 360 degrees.

One fall can finish the game.

Be careful when plodding your robot along paths with spaces between them because your cute hero can fall below and end the game. No, the robot won’t explode or die, but it won’t be able to get back up to the platform either. The game won’t let you know when there are no more moves left for you to do. This means that you could go on and on trying, without knowing you’re already done.

Circumvent the path whenever possible.

Some components of the 3D scene can be lifted, rotated, pushed, etc. and your robot can balance on them without falling, if you are careful. You can also intentionally fall off in between spaces or gaps while the component spins to an angle to get to a different platform, thereby cutting a long walk to get to that point, just make sure you do it accurately.  It does not always work though, it is always best to test your robot’s and the diorama’s limits by experimenting!

Paths can be obscured.

Paths exist, even if you can’t plainly see them. For example, when a robot walks inside a tower, you won’t exactly see it walking to another end. As long as you don’t see a red X mark to the end point that you tapped, your robot will walk to that point like nothing. It won’t advance if you see a red X mark or if it’s plain to see that the end point is blocked.

Hint in the name. 

Each stage or level has a name and it sort of offers some clue about the puzzle. For example, in Card 6 “Spin Out”, you’ll need to spin the movable components in the middle and make your robot walk an obscured path beneath to get to the end of the platform and onto the destination point.  Cool, eh?

Trace back your path from the destination point.

If you are not sure how to start, always take note of the destination point, denoted by a glowing, red circle. Follow it in reverse to know where you must start. Some of the 3D settings can get pretty challenging. You can also tap the “Hint!” so you can be shown some clues how to get to the destination point.

Building your own puzzle stage.

Start with the stable components and the destination point, and then modify it using movable elements and other platform types that you can use to build your own puzzle. Some folks would recommend you to copy a simple level and then modify. Build simple structures before trying out really complicated movable features and maze-like paths.

These are some of our really useful puzzle-solving tips and Mekorama cheats. Share if you have more by commenting below!

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