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"The Accessibility Forum brings accessibility stake-holders together to support informed decisions about E&IT products relative to Section 508."

February 2003 Meeting Overview

Once again the Accessibility Forum held another successful meeting located at Apple Computer, Inc.  Over 60 February 2003 Attendees participated in Cupertino, CA. Please take a moment to view the Webcast archives.

Please take a moment to review the Presentation Materials:

PowerPoint - (1,103KB)
RTF - (193KB)

Meeting Overview

We began the meeting with a Vendor Approach to Section 508 by our host at Apple Computer. 

Lorietta Guarino Reid from Adobe Systems, Inc.  led the topic on Section 508 - An Application Vendor's Perspective; The Accessibility "Eco-System".

The ATIA/Interoperability Group was updated by Mary Beth Janes, Apple Computer, Inc., Chris Hofstader, Freedom Scientific and Marney Beard, Sun Microsystems.

Ken Nakata from the Department of Justice gave a brief introduction of the effects of Section 508.

IDCRI's Cynthia Waddell gave her presentation on Section 508 in the states.

A panel discussion on Accessibility and Application Building Tools was led by Keith Elliot of SAP, Preety Kumar of Deque Systems, Connie Myers of Oracle, and Bob Regan of Macromedia.  PowerPoint (36KB) RTF (7KB)

Accessibility Forum staff, Jim Kindrick and Bill Hetzner gave a Project Team close-out report.

Harry Leibowitz represented the Social Security Administration and discussed the Governments experience and need for tool. 

Terry Weaver from General Services Administration and Accessibility Forum staff, Joy Fulton finalized the survey results of Federal Requiring officials.  PowerPoint (99KB)  RTF (38KB)

Lesley Field of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy gave her understanding of the requirements for procurement.

Jim Kindrick and Bill Hetzner gave an overview of the "Proof of Concept" for the Accessibility Forum.

Skip Crane, Accessibility Forum Staff discussed the aspects of Maintaining the Information Base.

Sun's approach to Desktop Accessibility was presented by Marney Beard of Sun Microsystems.

Mimi Kessler from ITTATC gave her presentation on Promoting Accessibility through training and Assistance.

Mary Beth Janes, Apple Computer, Inc. gave an update on Council Activity and Status report.

Thank you to our guest speaker Mary Mitchell from General Services Administration.

If you have any questions regarding the presentation materials or Webcast archives, please your comments to [email protected].